I would like to say “Thank You” to Holly King and the team at Maritime Hearing for making the process of transitioning to wearing my hearing aids so seamless and everyone there has such a wealth of knowledge and are very professional.

The Team is always pleasant and friendly, patient and willing to repeatedly guide me through the upkeep and operation of my hearing aids. Also budget options were well explained thoroughly and at no time did I feel pressure to buy outside my ability to pay and no hidden fees.

What a blessing to hear well and it seems to benefit my overall well-being.

My ENT specialist in HRM recommended Maritime Hearing and I glad he did.

Thank you Holly and Team.

Madge MurphyTruro

I am a retired aircraft engineer and have worked for many years on jet aircraft and turbine engines. In those days we did not use proper ear protections. Consequently I lost 90 percent of my hearing in both ears.

Due to the loss of hearing, I decided to contact Maritime Hearing Solutions Inc. and had a hearing test carried out. They tested and recommended that I should have hearing aids on both ears. I have been wearing the Oticon hearing aids ever since and have been amazed at the results. It has made a tremendous difference in my way of life not only with my family but also friends. I am now able to hear what they are saying with clarity.

I have been looked after with great care and respect and have always been able to know that someone is there to solve any minor problems I may have.

I would truly recommend Maritime Hearing Solutions to anyone who is short of hearing as they have certainly made a difference in my life.

Les JayaSingtheShubenacadie

The ability to hear is a blessing that most people tend to take for granted. As a child I had many ear infections that left my ear drums severely scarred and impeded my ability to hear properly. Growing up I was able to compensate for this hearing loss by learning to read lips and focus on dealing with others on a one-to-one basis. But as I “matured” the hearing loss began to worsen to the point where it affected my ability to properly carry out my duties in my profession.

Throughout my life I have had many tubes put in my eardrums and have also had to deal with a cholesteatoma operation, again further affecting my ability to hear.

My saving grace came when I visited Maritime Hearing Solutions in Truro and was introduced to Holly King and her staff. I was treated professionally and with respect and understanding. There I was outfitted with hearing aids that turned my life around. With these devices my hearing was greatly improved and once again I was able to hear the world around me as I was never able to for many years.

Many thanks to Maritime Hearing Solutions; Holly and her staff for making my life so rewarding.

Steve TalbotTruro

I have had a hearing problem for over 50 years starting as a child. Hearing aids became a part of my life about 30 years ago. I knew I needed them but pride was a big part of my problem. Even though I had hearing aids I struggled with them.


I met Holly King now with Maritime Hearing along with her staff who took the time to listen to my problems. They explained to me fully how the devices are meant to work, as well how the brain has to retrain itself to what it is hearing, some sounds hearing for the first time in a long time. “It’s a process!” Once that process is realized, you fully appreciate how well the hearing aids work and how it changes your life for the better.

The anxieties begin to melt away with each day. The staff walk you through every step of the way with information and encouragement.

It takes time, but with coaching and understanding through consultation with Maritime Hearing, the stress and strain on you physically from hearing loss can be a thing of the past. Believe me!

Bill MillsTruro