Hearing Tests

Maritime Hearing offers Complimentary hearing evaluations for adults 18 years and older.

If you have never visited a hearing care professional, you probably don’t know what to expect. You are in for a pleasant experience that is interesting, informative and a great start on your path to better hearing. You will have the opportunity to better understand your hearing needs and explore possible solutions.

When you arrive for your visit, your hearing care professional will discuss your hearing history to understand what factors have influenced your hearing and to get more information on your personal hearing needs. In addition, a hearing examination will be conducted. After your hearing care professional has interpreted the results of your hearing evaluation, he/she will explain them to you. It will then be time to develop a plan for the next steps. If you have a hearing loss, a trial of hearing aids may be recommended.

In preparation for your visit, think of certain situations or experiences you have had in the past where you found it difficult to hear. Untreated hearing loss affects us in different ways. Conversations in crowded rooms become a strain for some, while others may find it difficult to hear specific sounds. Taking note of the situations in which you struggle will assist your hearing care professional in regard to which devices would be most suitable for your lifestyle.

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