Ear Protection

Excessive noise exposure is the most common cause of hearing loss.

The effect of noise is real and can be devastating. Often times, prolonged noise exposure can also lead to the development of tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) which can be quite unbearable. The important thing is that no matter what your present level of hearing is, it’s never too late or too hard to prevent further damage.

So what constitutes loud noise? People differ in their sensitivity to noise. As a general rule, noise may damage your hearing if you have to shout over background noise to make yourself heard, if the noise hurts your ears, if it makes your ears ring, or if you have difficulty hearing for several hours after exposure to the noise. A soft whisper might be no higher than 30 dB SPL, while a firecracker might be as loud as 150 dB SPL. Sounds are considered harmful when they exceed 85 dB SPL, which is about the loudness of heavy traffic.

Noise at work and home

We rarely think about it, but daily exposure to excessive noise is the primary cause of hearing loss in the working population. The degree of loss will depend on the level of noise and duration of exposure. If you are surrounded by noise, whether it’s in your work or home environment, you can reduce the risks by using earplugs or other hearing protection devices. If your ears are not getting bombarded at work they might be at risk at home. Be aware that lawncare equipment, power tools and personal music players can put your hearing at risk.

Think about your total sound exposure during the day. The simplest way to start protecting your hearing is by limiting the amount of time you expose your ears to loud noise. By utilizing ear protection this will help save your hearing from further damage. Ear protectors come in all shapes and sizes, and even though they may not feel optimal at first, getting use to wearing them does not take long!

Types of Protection


Crafted in expandable foam or silicone. Designed to slowly expand, conforming to your ear canal to help block out hazardous noise. Single use only. Available at any pharmacy.


Crafted in hypoallergenic synthetic rubbers or silicone. Reusable plugs feature a triple flange design to provide a superior seal and maximum comfort for all-day wear. Can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and reused, but must be disposed once they become hard or damaged. Available at any pharmacy.


Earmuffs take form of rigid cups with soft plastic cushions that seal around the ears to block noise and harmful frequencies. For sustained exposures to very loud noises, or if you feel the need for more protection, wear muffs and earplugs together for an additional 5-10 dB of noise reduction. Specialty Earmuffs can be purchased through Maritime Hearing.

Custom Fit

Unlike other forms of ear protection, these are hand crafted and custom fit to the individual for maximum protection and a guaranteed fit. These earmolds can be vented for situations where interpersonal conversation in noise is required and offer a more natural sound quality because they attenuate all sounds to the same degree. If you are in frequent need of protection, these are the best option. Available at Maritime Hearing!

Available through Maritime Hearing


These custom fit molds offer the highest degree of protection in all frequencies. Designed to be easily inserted and removed, with the convenience of a filtered vent for interpersonal communication in a noisy workplace.


Hand crafted, custom made protection designed for individuals who should not get water in their ears. They are made from a special formula of silicones, custom blended to allow them to float. Note: These are not suitable protection for noise.


Hand crafted, custom made sleepers solve one of the most important health issues facing many people today – lack of deep, interrupted sleep. Specially designed to be comfortable in any sleeping position and are available in phosphorescent, so they glow in the dark!


Designed for musicians who want to hear sound without distortion but with less volume. Sweet tones earpieces reduce all frequencies equally by either 9dB, 15dB, 20dB or 25dB with corresponding flat attenuation filters.

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